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About the Artist

Buffy Heslin established SharkB8Studio in order to share her creativity. She typically uses acrylic on gallery canvas but also explores the formats of digital media, photography and mixed media to express herself. Her style and content will vary and has been influenced profoundly by her life as a military brat, living overseas experiencing history, art and various cultures in-person. Buffy considers art a therapeutic outlet and channel for expressing complex thoughts, feelings and emotions. She also see it as a form of meditation. The artistic process gives her balance, focus and comfort more so now than at any point in her life due to the recent loss of her mother.

If you are interested in a commission or have any questions please feel free to contact the studio:

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“Being the Thunder – Go Bolts” High Flow Acrylic Painting – YouTube

The making of “Being the Thunder” Feeling inspired by the Tampa Bay Lightning being in the Stanley Cup Playoffs again! Acrylic flow acrylic on a recycled canvas. GO BOLTS!!!!  #lovefl #tblightning Gallery of art work, collection of photographs, pet videos and scuba diving. COMMISSIONS now being accepted!