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When Were You Truly Happy?

Happiness is a fleeting moment – or is it?  When we look at our day-to-day life when is it we experience true happiness?  Is it cooking with a loved one, holding a purring kitten, your dog greeting you at the end of the day, driving in the country on a beautiful afternoon, having dinner with someone you love, a hug from a friend, scuba diving, laying on a beach, walking in the woods after a new snowfall – so many things can make us happy- when were you truly happy?

Is it possible to be happy every day no matter what has happened in our lives, can we achieve that moment of joy in our life where our emotional state and mental state meet at the nirvana called happiness?

I look forward to hearing your comments and what small things, or large, in your life give you happiness!

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Failing Forward…

So many things to be happy for every day we wake up, despite the ‘bad things’ that happen- the important thing is how we recover from those incidents…learn, move on and grow as a person…
Eliminate the negative feelings, people and energies – lift yourself above the fray!  Get rid of the dead weight that is holding you down and keeping you from achieving your own happiness!
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