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Being at Peace – Loss & Grief – A Struggle

A lot has happened in my life in recent months, many things that I would not have imagined to experience or be required to ‘deal’ with – The roller coaster of emotions and grief has left me contemplating so many aspects of my life, my past, memories, choices and emotional attachments.  The loss of my […]

When Were You Truly Happy?

Happiness is a fleeting moment – or is it?  When we look at our day-to-day life when is it we experience true happiness?  Is it cooking with a loved one, holding a purring kitten, your dog greeting you at the end of the day, driving in the country on a beautiful afternoon, having dinner with […]

Taking Time to Reflect

No new 🎨 lately…taking time to reflect and get some inspiration What’s trending in your art world!?

Getting Inspired…

As an artist it is difficult to find inspiration at times, it’s like writers block…LOL – I was thinking that in life sometimes it is hard to find inspiration for other tasks, goals and objectives we have set for ourselves in our day-to-day life. What are your blocks? Where do you find your inspiration? Please […]

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