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Our PCS Trip to Germany from Turkey (Part 1)

So this is a little out of order but this was the BEST 10 day trip I have ever had with my family.

My mother received orders to Sembach AB, Germany.  We were stationed at Incirlik AB, Turkey (near Adana) at the time.  Going through the packing process was “INTERESTING” the funniest thing that happened was one of the packers, a Turkish national, packed his lunch (a kabob) into one of our boxes by mistake – this was after about 5 hours of packing – so MANY boxes had to be re-opened in order to determine exactly “where the kabob was” – almost like some sort of sick “hide the kabob” game…

It is funny now but my mom was absolutely annoyed… can you imagine what kind of science experiment that kabab would have turned into during the move of our household goods!?  Ewwwww gross is all I can say… science project x 10!

Other than issues with the ‘bayonami’*that may not be spelled correctly (customs) check that happened during our packing we had an otherwise uneventful pack-up of the house.

The quirky thing about being stationed in Turkey was that everything that was electronic or a potential black market item you brought with you (stereo, tv, etc) must leave with you whether it was working or not… yes this did affect my mom’s shipping weight limit because we did have a couple things we had to take with us that were broken but we had to keep and take when we left the country.  Due to the irregularity of the voltage some things got ‘fried’ even though we were in base housing where there was a 110v outlet… on the ‘economy’ the voltage was 220v…

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Life of an Air Force Brat

As many of my friends have requested some sort of record of our life and times overseas I will attempt to document a collection of memories of our adventures.  Living, exploring and experiencing so many different countries, cultures and histories has had a profound impact and influence on my life.  I hope that the series will be entertaining and educational for those who peruse my random ramblings down ‘memory lane.’  Some names will be changed to protect the ‘innocent’ LOL

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Ready for the Christmas Musical Program, 1983, Incirlik AB, Turkey