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My little love bug… emotional support and companionship is a wonderful thing!

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Our PCS to Germany from Turkey (Part 2)

So typically a family will PCS (permanent change of station) when overseas to-from a location by plane when they are in-theater.  Meaning they get everything packed and then have their vehicle shipped (if they have one) and then fly to their next duty station…stateside or other.

My mom wanted to drive rather than ship her car … this is where the real adventure began!

We packed out the house and moved into the new billeting quarters near the base pool on Incirlik AB – we stayed there about a week, if memory serves.  We were waiting for all the finalized paperwork to be completed by the Air Force and the Turkish government officials for us to travel.

We drove from Adana/Incirlik to Izmir.  This took us across the southern area of Turkey from east to west past our favorite places… Mercin, Erdemli, Castle by the Sea, Antalaya, Alanya — etc.   We stayed in Izmir for about 3 days, in billeting, awaiting final customs approval and clearance to leave the country. See map below…yes we were THAT close to Syria!!!!


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Life of an Air Force Brat

As many of my friends have requested some sort of record of our life and times overseas I will attempt to document a collection of memories of our adventures.  Living, exploring and experiencing so many different countries, cultures and histories has had a profound impact and influence on my life.  I hope that the series will be entertaining and educational for those who peruse my random ramblings down ‘memory lane.’  Some names will be changed to protect the ‘innocent’ LOL

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Ready for the Christmas Musical Program, 1983, Incirlik AB, Turkey