About the Artist

Buffy Heslin established SharkB8Studio to share her creativity. Designing jewelry has been a life-long passion, cultivated during her time living in Turkey.  She has designed her own jewelry since the age of 14 and has revisited this aspect of her artistry by creating and offering jewelry items, along with her paintings.  Paintings are typically acrylic on gallery canvas but Buffy also explores the formats of digital media, photography and mixed media to express herself. Her style and content will vary and has been influenced profoundly by her life as a military brat, living overseas experiencing history, art and various cultures in-person. Buffy considers art a multi-dimensional interest, a therapeutic outlet and channel for expressing complex thoughts, feelings and emotions. She also see it as a form of meditation. The artistic process gives her balance, focus and an outlet to express herself.

I hope you find something that speaks to or inspires you while you are here visiting our site!