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“One Day I Will…”

I push through and work to free myself from the frozen cold

fighting to live and grow

at last I am freed from the wintery grip of the ground

I am able to burst forth adding color to the dreary days

ushering in a new season

The Crocus – by Buffy 4/1/18

As the time drifts by faster and faster every year I find myself circling back to the idea of minimizing the things I have held on to for most of my life.  I always said “one day I will…” you know the saying; I think we all have collected or gathered things in our lives with the intent that “one day” we “would do” – SOMETHING…

  • read the book, magazine or a blog
  • write the novel
  • paint the picture
  • exercise, ride my bike, use that treadmill, etc
  • go on vacation, see that place
  • call my friend
  • repair that chair
  • make that recipe
  • catch up on laundry
    • you name it I am sure it is out there on someone’s “One Day List.

I have decided it is time to minimize, focus and complete those things that I am capable of managing within the hours of the day I have for myself…diligently attempt to complete those things I have for years, in some cases, put off, ignored or just didn’t make the time to accomplish. Spring being here always seems to drive that home-body instinct to clean, organize and start fresh.  Like the crocus that fights through the frozen ground and snow to bring beautiful color to the dreary gray days I emerge from my own winter doldrums eager for change.

My first goal is to regularly blog because it has been a true form of release, relaxation and healing for me.  I have been so horrible at time management over the years with regard to my focus on things that bring me creative, mental and emotional joy – – the little chores and responsibilities of everyday life have taken priority – – I hold so much within myself and get anxious about so many things I allow myself to become overwhelmed by life in general – like many of us – it gets to be too much! I am trying to encourage my husband to do the same but he has to come to his own self-awareness and resolutions.  Control what is within your capability to control and change the things you can – let everything else fall by the way side.

What I accomplished this week:

  1. laundry – 6 loads (no not ALL the clothes are put away…but all the loads were done in ONE day!)
  2. cleaning out and organizing the ‘plastic containers, lids and stuff’ in many of my kitchen cabinets (still a work in progress)
  3. blogged several times and posted to Twitter, Instagram and FB
  4. Photographed new earrings I made; put them on my webpage and remade my Meg fossilized shark tooth necklace in a new copper wrap
  5. cleaned out almost every one of my email inboxes – still a WIP – there is a lot in them
  6. played with my dog almost every single day and took her for 2 long walks
  7. read some posts on buddhist and mindfulness sites
  8. actually cleaned and moisturized my face EVERY morning and evening!!! miracles can happen people
  9. some other stuff I have been putting off or beating myself up for NOT doing!!!!!

These things may seem ridiculous but when you sit down and think about what you have accomplished instead of what you haven’t – – it makes you feel a lot better!  So instead of thinking “I didn’t get …. done” – – our new thought and statement will be “To Be Continued…” 


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Instagram Feed – It’s all about US!

My little love bug… emotional support and companionship is a wonderful thing!

Source: Buffy Heslin (@sharkb8chick) • Instagram photos and videos

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Spring=Renewal – – It’s Time for a Change…

Spring is a great time for renewal of the self.  As all around us there is new life emerging, plants are growing and nature in it’s majesty is putting on display the brilliance of bright hues of beautiful color … so too should we!

With the challenges in life, the roller coaster of uncertainty and frenetic pace in which time seems to lapse it is easy to become lost, disillusioned and depressed.  We can easily neglect our personal needs…physical, emotional and mental.  These are some of the feelings I have experienced lately and I try not to chide myself too harshly for falling off the proverbial wagon of mindfulness and positivity…however…like all of you I am human and suffer from my ‘struggles’ or simply life in general – challenges or opportunities; whichever you wish to identify them as – some days obviously are better than others in most instances.

It is important to put forth your best effort every day, live each day to the fullest and be in the moment…but all too often the last few months it has become too easy to do the opposite and succumb to negative thoughts, feelings and mindset.

I suffered a major loss in my life a couple years ago, it was a pivotal moment.  Subsequent to that there were multiple betrayals by people who you would not expect to act in such ways…it has been an uphill battle to overcome my anger and disappointment with these individuals and ironically their removal from my life was like the lifting of a negative pressing weight I had been unknowingly carrying.    Their true selves emerged and letting go of them was beneficial to my wellbeing, however I was angry and disappointed because they did not only betray me…they betrayed the person who we lost and their actions were so underhanded I was sickened to be associated with them.  Good riddance to bad rubbish…yes – but that doesn’t mean I forgive them for what they did, nor has my anger with them subsided greatly.  I don’t wish them ill, I wish them what they karmically deserve for the horrible things they have said and done to those I care for…myself included.

Professionally  I was also betrayed and now I find myself struggling, second guessing my decisions, life and so forth – you know that horrible downward spiral that inevitably pulls you into its grasp, dragging down your thoughts, spirit and attitude.  Compound my own challenges with my loving husband’s professional issues as well and here we have the perfect storm.  It feels a lot like the good guys never win…  so to speak.

I know holding onto negativity will require letting go and moving on but as I enjoy this spring day I wonder how many others also feel as I do?  Truly hoping for the inner strength to let go, move on and continue to see every day as an opportunity…not dwell or ruminate on the what happened and could have been in our lives…

Everything happens for a reason, I do believe this, but I wonder at the why and how more often these last few months…I have strayed from my purpose somehow and allowed the negative to overwhelm me.  I make a promise to myself to emerge from this cloud of doubt, disappointment and negativity…I will delve into self-care, creativity and work my way back to mindfulness and a positive outlook.

Wishing everyone the ability to take the lead from Mother Nature in this beautiful spring time – shed the old as needed and experience a re-birth of sorts with a spiritual, mental and emotional renewal of bright colors and positivity!

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10 Common Gemstones and What They Symbolize | Golden Age Beads


10 Common Gemstones and What They Symbolize
1. Lapis Lazuli
It is a beautiful blue stone that has been prized throughout history. The rich celestial shade of Lapis Lazuli remains a symbol of deep honor and royalty. The reason it is so prized is down to the stunning color and the valuable ultramarine dye that can be derived from the stone. Its name comes from both Persian and Latin tongues; Lazhuward meaning “blue” in Persian and Lapis meaning “stone” in Latin. The deeper the blue, the higher quality the stone is. Lapis Lazuli symbolizes truth and wisdom universally.

2. Moonstone
Moonstone holds a strong sense of secrecy and mystery. It is considered a stone that bears truth from within. It was often worn as an amulet by travelers to give them protection in earlier times, especially when traveling at night. As a gift, it was favorited between lovers as a symbol of passion. Most commonly seen in Roman jewelry designs, it has been used for close to two-thousand years now. Moonstone is also used in India as a traditional wedding gift. The shades most commonly seen are blue, peach, white, rainbow and gray; Each with their own deeper meaning. The stone is said to bring peace, wisdom and protection to those who keep it close by.

Jade Hematite and Lava Mala bracelet


3. Jade
Jade is known as a “blessing stone” and is said to bless whatever it touches. For close to six-thousand years, the stone has been prized not for only jewelry, but weapons too. In earlier times it was often used for knives and axe heads because it was such a strong stone and polished easily. China holds the most value over the stone even today for its healing powers and beauty. It is most commonly seen in green but also comes in shades of blue, white, brown, black, orange, purple, red and yellow. Jade today is used as a “dream stone” or a stone of luck both coming from the stone’s energy of blessings and wisdom.



4. Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye is a stone often feared and revered for being an all seeing and all knowing eye. It is said to grant the wearer with a keen ability of observation to see with great clarity. In Ancient Egypt, it was used in the statue eyes of their deities. Often used to portray courage and strength, Roman soldiers carried the stone into battle. The colors of the stone showing deep browns with rich layers of gold made it appealing to be used for jewelry. Throughout history, Tiger’s Eye is found to be sought after for good fortune, prosperity and protection.

5. Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine is said to be the luckiest of all crystals. It is also often known as “The Stone of Opportunity” which goes hand in hand with what it is used for. Many people today and throughout history have worn the stone for luck in work, relationships and money. In the 1700’s, a glass worker in Italy was said to have accidentally dropped some metal filling into melting glass and upon it cooling, it revealed the Green Aventurine itself. For the striking green beauty of the stone, it was then made again and used for jewelry. Green Aventurine is said to bring luck to anyone who not only wears it, but is near it.

6. Onyx
Onyx is most recognized for being the birthstone of December and being used to celebrate the seventh year of marriage for couples. In older times, this stone was used as a seal by the Romans for various stone inlay works. The rich black color of the stone and its strength also made Onyx ideal for use in rings and necklaces. In Greek, Onyx means “claw” or “fingernail” because of its appearance resembling that of a fingernail’s veins. Onyx is a symbol of inner strength, willpower and great discipline.
7. Agate
Agate is also called “The Earth Rainbow” because of its ability to come in such various shades and layers of color. The stone is dated back to Babylon and was used as a stone of healing. Its history stretches across the world in different times, cultures, and countries. However, it was Germany that helped the stone become popular in the 15th and 19th centuries. This is also why we still see it today being used in jewelry. The stone is a banded and layered mineral from the Quartz family. The variety of color these stones can come in is huge. Agate may have many meanings around the world stemming from culture to color variation but overall the stone is seen as a symbol of strength and harmonization of negative and positive energies.

8. Opal
Opal is not only recognized for being the birthstone of October but for its luster and reflective hues of color. This is a stone of mixed history. In Roman history it went from being the “Queen of Gems” to a stone rumored to be tied with misfortune and death. In the twentieth century it made a comeback and today, it is a very popular and well-loved gemstone. It comes in a numerous amount of shades including some very bright and some very dark. The most common color seen today is the Crystal Opal with translucent strikes of color and an almost neon rainbow effect. Opal is said to inspire hope, happiness, love and purity.

9. Amethyst
Amethyst is known most commonly as the birthstone of February. It was used throughout history for its beauty and ability to calm the mind and sooth emotions. Another use was to prevent overindulgence and drunkenness specifically by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. By today’s standards it is considered a semi-precious stone but if you look back further in history, it was as prized as diamonds. This stone is quite common around the world today but its beauty and uses make up for its lack of rarity. The shades of this stone do vary from red to deep violet but the most commonly seen color is the vivid purple. While the meaning may differ between time and culture, the Amethyst is most known for being a stone of spirituality and peace.

10. Turquoise
Turquoise is said to be the oldest gemstone known to man in human history. Throughout time, this stone was honored as a symbol of wisdom and nobility. To some cultures it was even considered to a symbol of immortality. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Native Americans, Turquoise was considered a sacred stone of power, luck and protection. The blue-green hues of the stone and its light weight make it a versatile stone for carved figures, jewelry pendents and other accessories. While it is a more common stone, it is still treasured by many cultures today.