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Failing Forward…

So many things to be happy for every day we wake up, despite the ‘bad things’ that happen- the important thing is how we recover from those incidents…learn, move on and grow as a person…
Eliminate the negative feelings, people and energies – lift yourself above the fray!  Get rid of the dead weight that is holding you down and keeping you from achieving your own happiness!
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Getting Inspired…

board-953151_640As an artist it is difficult to find inspiration at times, it’s like writers block…LOL – I was thinking that in life sometimes it is hard to find inspiration for other tasks, goals and objectives we have set for ourselves in our day-to-day life.

What are your blocks? Where do you find your inspiration? Please Comment!

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Foods that combat stress

You know those moments when you’re absolutely stressed, feeling frazzled and in desperate need of a mood changer? That “pick me up” that you desperately need might all be in the food! Stressful situations cause cortisol levels to rise-Cortisol triggers food cravings in the body. To get you feeling less stressed out, these are some […]

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